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The cozy bar and house at the western end of Philmont was originally built in 1898 and has been a cornerstone establishment in Philmont since its inception. Hardworking merchants have served the village in these four walls for over a century.

About 12 Main Street 12 Main Street was originally owned by Charles Nichols, who operated a meat market and corner grocery store. Charles served the community until the 1930ís. He sold the business to a man named named Nick, thence began Nickís Restaurant and Bar.

Public House at 12 Main St. Wild and crazy times were had by all throughout the 1930ís and 40ís as the village's thriving mills flourished. Tiring and aging, Nick put the business up for sale in the mid 40ís.

Along came the Guzy family to take over the business. Nickís Restaurant and Bar continued to thrive in the Guzyís hands. Marie Guzy, a daughter, worked with the family making homemade pizzas from scratch each day.

In the 1950ís, Philmont's prosperity continued. The pie and beer business was a huge success for the Guzyís.

In 1956, Mr. Guzy passed away, so daughter Marie, by then married to Phil "Po" Mossman, moved into the building to continue helping Mrs. Guzy run Nickís full time. Marie and Po raised five children and created memories for thousands of customers whilst serving pizza and beer.

Po and Marie were looking to settle down in retirement and sold the business to Matt and Liz in 2005. But Po's sudden death came within days of the sale of the restaurant. Po was beloved by many in the village and served as the Mayor for more than 30 years. Marie still resides in the community and stops in on Saturday afternoons to say hello.

Meet the Proprietors The current owners and Publicans, Matt Herman and Elizabeth Angello, purchased the building and business in October 2005 and reopened as Main Street Public House in November 2005. All great villages need a "public house".

Matt and Liz Behind Their New Bar Matt and Elizabeth are transplants from their native Northern California. They originally moved east to Philmont in 2004 to work with Elizabethís brother Joe Angello at Angelloís Distributing, Inc., a Columbia County based organic food distribution company focusing on delivering local, organic and biodynamic products. They had always dreamed of owning a bar and restaurant in their "retirement years", but when they saw the building and met the Mossmans, they decided to pursue their dream ahead of schedule.

Elizabeth and Matt chose Philmont because of the unique character and charm of the village, the appealing rural landscape, strong family community ties and proximity to organic farms. Lots of surrounding outdoor recreation opportunities was another bonus.

"There is a very strong commitment by neighbors and community leaders to beautify the town center, expand sustainable neighborhood development and maintain a thriving local economy. This will only promote business growth for the new and existing business owners of the village. I am very excited to be a part of Philmont", said Liz.

You can sample many local organic foods at Main Street Public House, Tuesdays through Sunday. Matt and Elizabeth also host a Farmerís Night every Sunday from 5-9PM.

The Public House also sponsored the 1st Annual Chili Cook-off this year to raise funds for the Mellenville and Philmont Fire Departments. They will be sponsoring the event again in February of 2007.

Stop in and introduce yourselves, stay for a pint and a bite to eat in a warm festive environment. Contact Main Street Public House Public House Sign Elizabeth Angello and Matt Herman, Proprietors
12 Main Street, PO Box 122, Philmont NY 12565
PHONE: (518) 672-7346
WEBSITE: http://www.mainstpublichouse.com

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