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The 2006 edition of the Summer Reading Program got off to a fantastic start at the Philmont Public Library. Hopeful pirates arrived early to be the first in line to register with Sherry Ritchie and Bea Canetto.

After registration, it was over to Ericka Edwards for some face painting (ships, swords, mustaches and beards) and on to Angela Potts and Tom Cole for helium balloons.

Next stop was the bookmark table where Vonda Teaney helped the young patrons select the best colors for the pirate on their bookmarks. The library was open so everyone could start reading their book. What kind of books? Pirate books, matey! Jackie Tice was there to check out the books and show off the contents of the treasure chest for those who read and report.

Back outside and under the tents to get a comfortable spot to listen to the Storycrafters (Barry and Jeri) tell stories about various kinds of treasure. Next week the younger pirates will meet on Tuesday to prepare their costumes for a village scavenger hunt later in the program. Thursday is the day for 9 to 13 year olds to make Jolly Rogers.

It's not too late to sign up!

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