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(L-R):Senator Saland; Claverack Director,Sally Alderdice; NYLA Director,Michael Borges; and MHLS Executive Director,Josh Cohen Senator Steve Saland recently announced $110,800 in grants to Columbia County libraries for technology and capital improvements. "In addition to our homes and schools, libraries provide a strong foundation for learning for our communities," said Senator Saland.

Grant amounts were announced at a press conference at the Claverack Free Public Library.

Philmont Public Library received $9,012 which according to Interim Director, Karen Garafalo will be used to add a Cultural Center addition to the existing library. "Senator Saland has always been a strong advocate for libraries", said Garafalo.

Senator Saland listens to Marleah and Gillian Senator Saland spoke candidly about the role of libraries in the community. The Senator fondly recalled trips to the Adriance library as a child, and the importance of accessibility for all citizens.

After the press conference, Senator Saland took a few moments out of his schedule to meet with constituents and cousins, Marleah and Gillian Perry. The girls did not divulge the contents of their conversation, but "Steve", as the girls now refer to him, is rumored to be pushing for more parks and playgrounds, and restricting the number of hours parents can make their children "do chores".

The director and staff of the Philmont Library, and the Library Board of Trustees are very grateful to Senator Saland for his ongoing support of libraries.

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