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Tax Forms Available Get your tax forms at the Philmont Library! The library is providing tax forms as a courtesy to library patrons. The deadline to file your 2006 tax return is April 17, 2007. You can also find Federal and New York State tax forms online. You may need Adobe Acrobat to print tax forms.

The Philmont Library also has computers and printers available for public use.

Special thanks to the Philmont Post Office for providing tax forms for library patrons.

The following forms are available at the library:

  • 1040
  • 1040A and Instructions
  • 1040EZ
  • 1040X—Amended US Individual Income Tax Return
  • 1040ES—Estimated Tax for Individuals
  • Schedule SE (Form 1040) Self-Employment Tax
  • Schedule D (Form 1040) Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule C EZ (Form 1040) Net Profit From Business
  • Schedule 1 (Form 1040A) Interest and Ordinary Dividends
  • Schedule 2 (Form 1040A) Instructions
  • Schedule A (Form 1040A) Child and Dependent Care Expenses
  • Form 4868—Application for an automatic extension of time to file
  • 8913 Credit for Federal Telephone Excise Tax Paid
  • 8913 Instructions
  • IT2-Summary of Federal Form W-2s
  • IT150-Resident Income Tax (Short Form with instructions)
  • IT201-Resident Income Tax (Long Form with instructions)
  • IT201-ATT-Other Tax Credits and Taxes
  • IT203-Non Resident and Part-Year Resident (with instructions)
  • IT213-Claim for Empire State Child Credit (with instructions)
  • IT214-Claim for Real Property Tax Credit for Homeowners and Renters (with instructions)
  • IT215-Claim for Earned Income Credit (with instructions)
  • IT216-Claim for Child and Dependent Care Credit (with instructions)

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