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Library Cleanup Day Neighbors and friends assembled over the weekend at the Philmont Library to do some spring cleaning of the outside grounds.

Because no one really knew who owned the property behind the library parking lot, it had become overrun with small trees, and garbage and debris had accumulated over the years.

Through a survey performed by the village, the library learned that the property in back belonged to the village and the library property was bigger than originally thought.

When Interim Director, Karen Garafalo learned of her new status as land baron, she quickly devised a plan to get the grounds cleaned. She put out an APB and assembled a team of volunteers to clean up the grounds. Among the early arrivals, there were many doubting Thomases (and even a working Thomas). Some questioned the need for a dumpster that size; while others wondered if anyone would show up. By 10 AM, over 30 people had arrived with gloves, rakes, and chainsaws ready to work.

At the end of the day, the dumpster was filled to capacity. Volunteering made the old feel young (until they got home to rest their weary bodies) and taught the young the special feeling that volunteering and working as a team provides. The group not only cleared the new section but also the front lawn, the back lawn, and the alleyway. And there are 3 piles of scrub trees awaiting the Village DPW.

Now the question is: What will be done with the new lot? The immediate answer is to get some earth moving equipment to level and cut down some of the dead or leaning trees. And then? Well that is a question with exciting possibilities, and something that we would like the village to ponder. If you have an idea for the new space, please come to the library, walk the new grounds, check out the survey map, and drop off your suggestions in the Suggestion Box at the Front Desk.

Special thanks to the all the volunteers who donated their time and energy to this very important project.

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