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Undated Mongo Photo: Missing Since July 7th After a short three weeks out in the fresh air, Mongo the monkey was stolen from the library grounds. The children are, of course, devastated that someone would poach a defenseless monkey from their summer reading program.

Mongo was the first animal to reach the front lawn, as the evil librarian was forced to release him when the community read 25 lbs of books. But weeks later, a poacher broke into the library grounds and stole Mongo. A police report was filed and although there are currently no suspects, the community is hoping for his safe return. Even though Mongo is missing, he continues to be an integral part of the Philmont Public Library Summer Reading Program, a reading safari, as children learn about being kind to animals and their responsibility to protect them.

Tafari the 300-lb. tiger and Zulu the 700-lb. zebra are on the library’s front lawn as the villagers reached their weight in books read. The next animal to breathe the fresh air will be Jomo, a 1,200-lb giraffe, followed by Embutu the elephant, weighing in at 1 Ton.

Be sure to check Philmont.org for updates about Mongo's whereabouts.

If you have any information about Mongo or you see a monkey that looks like Mongo (see photo), you can call the anonymous tip line at 672-5010.

Also, in what is believed to be an unrelated incident, a squirrel was seen stealing a whoopie pie from the library farmstand on Saturday. A witness saw the squirrel, but was unable to pick the squirrel out from a lineup. That investigation is also continuing.

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