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High Falls High Falls was an integral part of Philmont's industrial prominence, as it provided the power to run the mills that dotted the Village in the 19th century. Today, High Falls continues to provide Philmont with a natural attraction that amazes the villagers and brings in tourists, hikers and fishermen from miles around. The High Falls Conservation Area, a 47-acre property located in the Village of Philmont, with access from the town of Claverack, is owned and managed by the Columbia Land Conservancy. High Falls, Columbia County's highest waterfall, cascades 150 feet before culminating in a large pool. The water flows northwest until eventually reaching the Hudson River.

Philmont resident Steve Benson captured the beauty of High Falls in a photo snapped recently entitled "Spring Thaw". The photo was inspiring enough to cause a fellow Philmont resident and Postmistress, Mary Linda Harrington to put it on a postcard and print a limited number and donate them to the Philmont Public Library.

Postcards are available at the Philmont Public Library and the Philmont Post Office for a donation of 50 cents each. For an investment of less than 75 cents (the card and a stamp), former residents can be reminded of the beauty that remains in Philmont, friends and relatives will see yet another reason to return to the area for a visit, and our post card collection can be increased. Get yours before they are all gone.

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