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Food Pantry The Philmont Library will be collecting donated food items for the Mellenville-Philmont Food Pantry. The food pantry relies on donations from the public in order to provide food each month to many families who seek help with their food budget. Requests for assistance have increased dramatically in recent years, causing a strain on local pantries. The Pantry accepts money donations directly to the Mellenville-Philmont Food Pantry (or make a donation to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY in the name of the Mellenville-Philmont Food Pantry) or donations of non-perishable food items.

Again this year, the Philmont Public Library will be a drop-off point for food pantry donations to make the donation process even easier. From now until the week before Thanksgiving, food supplies can be dropped off at the Philmont Public Library during any open hours. Monday and Wednesday, 12-5 and 6-8; Thursday, 10-2, Friday, 12-5, Saturday, 10-2.

The pantry will accept any non-perishable items but is currently in most need of the following: Soup, Boxed potatoes, Canned gravy, Boxed stuffing mix, Cereal-hot and cold, Tuna, Peanut butter, Jelly, Tissues

The goal for this collection is 600 items. Can you help?

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