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Pine Haven Over the last year and a half a subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors has been working with the architectural firm to design a new nursing home. The design is a great meshing of the most current thinking in Nursing Home design – combining the sense of creating a home like atmosphere, while also incorporating community activity space. The design looks like a bug, with the middle part being the communal spaces and the six legs representing “households” of 20 people each…with living and dining spaces within each household. Most rooms share a bathroom, but the design allows each person to be in a private bedroom space, with a bed facing a window. Not only was the subcommittee involved in the design, but the architect, and the nurse they had on their staff, worked with Pine Haven’s current staff to get input on what they needed to create an optimal space.

In November, the Board of Supervisors approved this design to go to the state for a CON (Certificate of Need) application for the approval to build. Medicaid reimburses 100% of capital investments costs, plus 85% of interest costs, so although this is a $32 million project, it will be reimbursed. They do anticipate that the process at the state level could take up to a year, although they are hopeful that it will be faster.

To get to this stage is a huge accomplishment – and because of all the local residents support to keep Pine Haven in Philmont, not only did the occupancy level up, which has made it a profitable home (at least breaking even) for the last three years, but it will be built in the lot next to the current one, staying right in our community.

Attached are some architect’s designs of the proposed layout.

Pine Haven Building Design
Pine Haven Wing Design
Pine Haven Center Design

There will be public hearings in the near future.

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