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Philmont, NY - For the last few summers, I have issued a director's challenge for the greater Philmont community for a summer reading goal. One year it was to read a million pages; another, a ton of books. Each year the community has come through and reached the various goals. This challenge is to improve the health and well being of the community by exercising. Hopefully, the library family will step up to the plate for a running/walking challenge.

This challenge is open to anyone who lives in Philmont, uses the Philmont Public Library or who has liked the Philmont Public Library's Facebook page. All ages can participate in this challenge. The challenge has two parts. The first goal is to have 250 people sign up for the challenge. To sign up, use e-mail (library@philmont.org), call the library 672-5010 or like the Philmont Library Summer Challenge page on Facebook. The second part is the mileage goal-100,000 miles-to London and back to see the Queen 10 times-to the South Pole and back 5 times or 2/5 of the way to the moon.

The challenge begins with National Library Week (April 14) and will continue until the end of the summer. We can do this together. Our community can reach this goal. Join with us and reap the benefits that regular exercise will bring. Get into the habit of walking and/or running and report your achievements to the library.

If you would like to keep track of your own miles, you can print out a chart here.

Stop by the Philmont Public Library at 101 Main Street and pick up a calendar to help with recording your mileage. The mileage for some routes has already been calculated. Turn in your miles after a couple of weeks. The two goals will be posted on the Facebook page and on the front lawn of the Philmont Public Library.


For more information, contact the Philmont Library at 518-672-5010.

The Philmont Public Library is located at 101 Main Street, Philmont, NY. For more information on hours and events, call 518-672-5010.

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