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The village is working diligently towards making all of our laws, records, and forms available online. If you need a paper copy of the local laws or any other rules and regulations, a copy can be requested at the Village Office. Village of Philmont Local Laws
Local Laws  Download Adobe Acrobat

Village Records
Birth Record Request

Death Record Request

Genealogical Request  Download Adobe Acrobat

Facilities Use Form  Download Adobe Acrobat A completed form must be signed and approved before anyone may use any village facilities to host an event.

Police Request for Security Check  Download Adobe Acrobat A completed form must be submitted and approved.

Tenancy Inspection  Download Adobe Acrobat There is a fee for each inspection that must be paid BEFORE the building department will inspect ANY rental unit.

Building Department Complaint Form  Download Adobe Acrobat

Building Department Fee Schedule  Download Adobe Acrobat

Application for Building-Use Permit  Download Adobe Acrobat

Application for variance  Download Adobe Acrobat

Approved Electrical Inspectors  Download Adobe Acrobat

Environmental Assessment Form  Download Adobe Acrobat

Fireworks Display Permit  Download Adobe Acrobat

Interpretation-Declaration of Nonconforming Use  Download Adobe Acrobat

Site Plan-Special Use Permit  Download Adobe Acrobat

Vehicle Storage Permit  Download Adobe Acrobat

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