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Garbage Pick-up The Village has curbside trash pickup every Tuesday morning. Trash should not be put out before 7:00PM Monday evening.

You need to apply a green garbage sticker to each 30 gallon trash bag. 1/2 sticker can be used on a 15 gallon bag.

Garbage stickers can be purchased in-person at the Village Office for $3.00 each. Alternately, you may send a check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Village Clerk at the Village Office, and garbage stickers will be mailed to you.

Plastic, Aluminum and Glass Recycling On Tuesday mornings, the Village also picks up recyclable #1 and #2 plastics and clean metal and glass containers. Recyclables should not be put out before 7:00PM Monday evening. There is no charge for recycled materials.

Please put recyclable material in a separate container for pick up. DO NOT USE A PAPER BOX OR BAG, as they disintegrate when wet.

Newspaper and Cardboard Recycling On the first and third Fridays of each month, the Village picks up dry recyclable papers and cardboards.

Autumn Leaf Pick-up During the fall, leaf piles at the curbside will be picked up by the Village. Dates are set according to the weather. Check with the Village Office in the fall.

Large Appliances and Other For any other disposable items (metal products, wood products, furniture, appliances, construction debris, etc.), you may use the Greenport Transfer Station on Route 23B or the Columbia County Transfer Station on Route 9H in Kinderhook, for a cost. The number for the Greenport Transfer Station is (518) 828-1442.

For Columbia County Solid Waste, call (518) 828-2737.

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