Color-coded map of Philmont showing 5 sub-areas and 17 strategic sites selected for redevelopment in the Summit Lake and its Watercourse BOA plan
Summit Lake and its Watercourse
Strategic Site Map
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Brownfield redevelopment begins with a planning process that enables communities to articulate a clear vision as well as goals and strategies for redevelopment of brownfield sites and broader community revitalization. 

Utilizing the 2002 Philmont Comprehensive Plan as its foundation, the Village of Philmont completed the BOA Nomination and evaluation of the area’s existing conditions to produce the planning document in April 2018.

In project partnership with Philmont Beautification, Inc., the Village hired Elan Planning Design & Landscape Architecture, PLLC, to assist in preparing Philmont’s Summit Lake & Its Watercourse BOA. This community-based planning process collectively produced a redevelopment plan for Philmont that articulates our community’s vision, goals, and objectives.

The boundary of the BOA consists of 247 acres, containing five planning and neighborhood sub-areas. The plan identifies seventeen sites as catalytic for revitalization and redevelopment, seven of which are deemed priority sites, includes restoration of Summit Lake and the lake’s inlet area of the Agawamuck Creek to provide entry into the Village of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail; a potential for micro-hydro installations utilizing the watercourse; redevelopment of Summit Mill; a lakefront redevelopment to include the Community Center and its playground; heritage trails to connect the waterfront to downtown; environmental greening of the Canal Street area; and the development of connectors and gateways to Main Street.

The planning process consisted of 21 Executive Steering Committee meetings, 4 public open houses, 6 guest speaker presentations, 8 public events, 336 participants and 682 documented community comments.

Comprehensive Plan
The Philmont Comprehensive Plan |

Summit Lake & Its Watercourse | BOA (Step 2) & Appendices
Cover for Summit Lake and Its Watercourse | Philmont Step 2 BOA Nomination
Philmont BOA Appendices Cover

BOA (Step 2) Steering Committee

  • Larry Ostrander, Co-Chair, Trustee
  • Barbara Sagal, Co-Chair, Trustee
  • Sally Baker, Project Manager, Philmont Beautification, Inc.
  • Jean Giblette, Community Volunteer
  • Thomas Paino, Community Volunteer
  • Chris Reed, Community Volunteer
  • Christine Vanderlan, Columbia Land Conservancy