Tom Paino Wins 2022 Local Champions Grant

CONGRATULATIONS to Philmont’s Climate Smart Task Force Coordinator, Tom Paino, and to Philmont for Tom’s acceptance in this year’s Local Champions program! Thank you, Tom, for working hard for Philmont!

Tom’s participation in this program will propel Philmont into a growing local network working to help NYS meet its climate goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our village. Importantly, it will also allow the village to access support and grant funding to pursue future Climate Smart projects. 

Some Climate Smart projects already completed are the EV Charging Station in the Philmont Library parking lot and significant electrical upgrades made in 2021 to Philmont’s water treatment facility. 

Interested in learning more about Philmont’s Climate Smart Program or joining the Climate Smart Committee? Email [email protected].

Learn more about Local Champions and meet this year’s Cohorts:

Read the Press Release.