BOA Committee & Working Groups

BOA Committee

  • Larry Ostrander, Village Trustee, Co-chair
  • Brian Johnson, Mayor, Co-chair
  • Sally Baker, Philmont Beautification, Inc., Project Manager


Local Waterfront Revitalization Project (LWRP).

Goal: Work with the municipalities of the Agawamuck Creek Watershed Program to improve the water quality in the Agawamuck Creek watershed.

Watershed Advisory Committee

  • Barbara Sagal, Chair of WAC (former Village of Philmont Trustee 2002-2021)
  • Brian Johnson, Mayor of Philmont
  • Larry Ostrander, Trustee Village of Philmont
  • Clifford “Kippy” Weigelt, Supervisor Town of Claverack
  • Craig Simmons, Supervisor Town of Ghent
  • Greg Vogler, Deputy Supervisor Town of Austerlitz
  • David Lewis Esq., Chair of Conservation Council Town of Hillsdale
  • Gretchen Stevens, member of Conservation Council Town of Hillsdale
  • Emily Vale, Hudson River Watershed Alliance
  • Christine Vanderlan, Columbia Land Conservancy, (Community Projects Manager)
  • Julia Sedlock, community lead of BOA Subarea 4 Working Group, Philmont
  • Rob Fitzsimmons, Esq., attorney Village of Philmont
  • Project Management – Sally Baker, PBI.

Heritage Working Group Members

  • Sally Baker, Executive Director, Philmont Beautification, Inc. (Facilitator) and resident of Philmont
  • Tobi Farley, Director, Philmont Library
  • Shawn Jennings, Columbia Opportunities Weatherization
  • Arthur King, Business owner and resident of Philmont
  • Sarah Barton-King, Designer and resident of Philmont
  • Robert Hoyt, Counselor, Greener Pathways and resident of Philmont
  • Karen Davala, Business owner, Davala Real Estate
  • David Bolevice, resident
  • Paul Naprstek, resident, Architect
  • Cara Brownell, resident
  • George Brehm, resident
  • Jake Lewis, resident
  • Mark Katz, resident
  • Jennifer Thibeault, Business owner
  • Jeane Laporta, Local Historian, Town of Claverack

Subarea 1

Summit Lake Waterfront, Playground, Park, & Community Center

Goal: Improve the park and playground to better serve the community and redesign the community center.

Working group:

  • Mark Rowntree, Chair, Architect and resident of Philmont

Subarea 2

Canal Street Mill and Parking Lots

Goal: Redevelop the parking lots, preserve the millpond and watercourse artifacts, construct a new building for this area to support local trades, create a heritage trail, and preserve and restore historic buildings.

Subarea 3

Summit Mill

Goal: Revitalize the Summit Mill working with the current owner.

Subarea 4

Summit Lake Restoration

Goal: Interface with the Agawamuck Creek Watershed Management Plan Advisory Committee.

Working group:
  • Julia Sedlock, Chair, Architect and resident of Philmont

Subarea 5


Goal: Revitalize selected sites on Main Street.