BOA Committee & Working Groups

BOA Committee

  • Brian Johnson, Mayor, Co-chair
  • Robert Macfarlane, Co-chair
  • Sally Baker, Philmont Beautification, Inc., Project Manager


Local Waterfront Revitalization Project (LWRP).

Goal: Work with the municipalities of the Agawamuck Creek Watershed Program to improve the water quality in the Agawamuck Creek watershed.

Watershed Advisory Committee

  • Brian Johnson, Mayor of Philmont
  • Sally Baker, PBInc., Project Manager
  • Barbara Sagal, Chair of WAC
  • Bob Macfarlane, Chair of Philmont Planning Board
  • Clifford “Kippy” Weigelt, Supervisor Town of Claverack
  • Craig Simmons, Supervisor Town of Ghent
  • Greg Vogler, Deputy Supervisor Town of Austerlitz
  • David Lewis Esq., Conservation Council Chair, Hillsdale
  • Gretchen Stevens, Conservation Council Member, Hillsdale
  • Cathy Zises, farm owner (Philmont, Claverack and Ghent)
  • Emily Vail, Hudson River Watershed Alliance
  • Patrick Knapp, Columbia Land Conservancy, Public Lands & Stewardship Coordinator
  • Julia Sedlock, community lead of BOA Subarea 4 Working Group, Philmont
  • Rob Fitzsimmons, Esq., attorney, Village of Philmont

Heritage Working Group Members

  • Sally Baker, Executive Director, Philmont Beautification, Inc. (Facilitator) and resident of Philmont
  • Tobi Farley, Director, Philmont Library
  • Shawn Jennings, Columbia Opportunities Weatherization
  • Arthur King, Business owner and resident of Philmont
  • Sarah Barton-King, Designer and resident of Philmont
  • Robert Hoyt, Counselor, Greener Pathways and resident of Philmont
  • Karen Davala, Business owner, Davala Real Estate
  • David Bolevice, resident
  • Paul Naprstek, resident, Architect
  • Cara Brownell, resident
  • George Brehm, resident
  • Jake Lewis, resident
  • Mark Katz, resident
  • Jennifer Thibeault, Business owner
  • Jeane Laporta, Local Historian, Town of Claverack

Subarea 1

Summit Lake Waterfront, Playground, Park, & Community Center

Goal: Improve the park and playground to better serve the community and redesign the community center.

Working group:

  • Mark Rowntree, Chair, Architect, Resident
  • David Bolevice, Resident
  • Karen Schoemer, Resident

Subarea 2

Canal Street Mill and Parking Lots

Goal: Redevelop the parking lots, preserve the millpond and watercourse artifacts, construct a new building for this area to support local trades, create a heritage trail, and preserve and restore historic buildings.

Subarea 3

Summit Mill

Goal: Revitalize the Summit Mill working with the current owner.

Subarea 4

Summit Lake Restoration

Goal: Interface with the Agawamuck Creek Watershed Management Plan Advisory Committee.

Working group:
  • Julia Sedlock, Chair, Architect and resident of Philmont

Subarea 5


Goal: Revitalize selected sites on Main Street.

Winter Village Laws: No on-street parking from midnight to 6am, Dec. 1 - Apr. 1. Sidewalks that are not cleared of snow and ice 24 hours after a storm will be cleared by the village at a cost of $2 a linear foot to the property owner of the adjoining premise. Read the local laws.

Register Your Rental Property or Vacant Building with the Philmont Buildings Department.

To Speak at Village Board Meetings: Remember to sign up before noon the Friday before by
emailing [email protected], calling (518) 672-7032, or stopping by the Village office.

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution | 2023

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