BOA Updates


  • OCTOBER 1, 2021. Next steps announced to advance the proposed Village of Philmont Historic District Nomination.
  • NOVEMBER 10, 2021. The Initiating Meeting between the Village Board, PBI, and the Department of State (DOS) will be held on November 10, 2021, Summary Notes from this meeting will be made available to the public. DOS will lead this meeting and its purpose will be to review all aspects of the grant, including project scope, schedules, roles, responsibilities, requirements, selection process for consultants, and State Environmental Quality Review Act requirements.
  • LATE NOVEMBER, 2021. Public presentations of the Community Center / Playground design project will be held in late November.


Subarea 1 | Summit Lake waterfront, playground, park, & community center. Goals: Improve the park and playground to better serve the community and redesign the community center. Working group: Chair: Mark Rowntree

Subarea 2 | Canal Street mill and parking lots. Goals: Redevelop the parking lots, preserve the millpond and watercourse artifacts, construct a new building for this area to support local trades, create a heritage trail, and preserve and restore historic buildings. Working group: [ ]

Subarea 3 | Summit Mill. Goals: Revitalize the Summit Mill. Working group: TBD.

Subarea 4 | Summit Lake Restoration. Goals: Interface with the Lake & Waterfront Revitalization Program’s watershed management plan working group and connect to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. Working group: [ ]

Subarea 5 | Downtown. Goals: Revitalize selected sites on Main Street. Working group: TBD.

Lake & Waterfront Revitalization Project (LWRP). Goals: [ ]. Advisory working group. Chair: Barbara Sagal; Town partners (participants in the Agawamuck Creek watershed management plan): Claverack Hillsdale, Ghent, Austerlitz