Board of Trustees

Brain Johnson
Brian Johnson
Term Limit: 2023

Douglas Cropper
Douglas Cropper
Contact via the Village Clerk at (518) 672-7032
Term Limit: 2024

Jason Detzel
Jason Detzel
[email protected]
Term Limit: 2025

Debra Gitterman
Debra Gitterman
[email protected]
Term Limit: 2024

Portrait of Clarence "Skip" Speed in maroon sweatshirt and glasses.
Clarence “Skip” Speed
Term Limit: 2025

Board of Trustee Meetings

Village Board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Philmont Village Hall at 124 Main Street. Village Board meetings are open to the public. Residents wishing to speak at meetings must sign up in advance by contacting the Village clerk via email or phone 518-672-7032 before Noon the Friday before the meeting. At meetings, residents will be called on to speak during Public Comment in the order in which their request was received by the clerk. The Village Hall can be accessed from a wheelchair-accessible ramp to the right of the Village Office on Main Street and from an entrance to the second floor on Maple Avenue to the left of the Fire Station doors.

Village workshop meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Village Office at 124 Main Street. Workshops are open to the public, but participation in the workshop is limited to the board.


About the Village Board of Trustees

Philmont is are governed by an elected Village Board, consisting of a Mayor and four Trustees.

Role of the Board

The board represents the legislative and executive branch of the government management of the village. The Mayor does not vote except in instances of a tie.

Terms & Elections

Elections are held in March during odd-number years, and all positions have a two year term. Two trustees are up for election at a time.

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting Rules of Procedure

The Philmont Village Board welcomes public input and participation within guidelines. The board convenes to conduct village business. Meeting rules are commonly used throughout all levels of government. They have been established to maintain order and ensure the efficient operation of a transparent village government.

Regular Meetings (Second Monday of each month)

Regular meetings are open to the public. Rules for public participation are as follows:

  • Speakers will be heard by appointment to discuss specific issues with the board. To make an appointment to speak at a workshop meeting, contact the village clerk.
  • Members of the public will only speak when recognized.
  • Speakers must address the entire board; they may not direct questions to a particular board member.
  • Speakers may not engage other members of the public in debate or discussion.
  • The village board will only hear from members of the public during the PUBLIC COMMENT portion of the meeting; never during old or new business, unless requested by a board member.
  • Each speaker may speak for up to five minutes, once per meeting.
  • Speakers should address the board only on business relevant to the board.
  • Bringing up an issue does not mean or imply that the board will act on that issue immediately, or at all.
  • Speakers shall observe commonly accepted rules of courtesy, decorum, and good taste.
Workshop Meetings (Fourth Wednesday of each month)

These meetings are set up so the board may prepare work leading to the regular monthly meeting or public hearings. The board conducts regular board business including, but not limited to: reviewing bills, reading correspondence, making budgetary considerations, and discussing issues of concern and projects currently under consideration or being undertaken by the board. Meetings are open to the public, but participation in the meeting is limited to the board .