Community Center’s Closing Day

The Philmont Community Center was the scene of multiple closing day activities on June 16. Thanks to Sarah Jampol Auerbach, Debra Grau, Doug Cropper and Julie Veronezi. We enjoyed a cook out on the hill, launching of homemade boats into the reservoir, presentation of thank you posters to members of the Philmont Fire Department, garden … Read more

Property Maintenance Regulations

New York State Property Maintenance Code, zoning laws, and local laws of the Village of Philmont require properties to be maintained free of debris, furniture, junk, trash and weeds in excess of 10″. Property owners in violation of the Property Maintenance Code will be noticed and, upon non-compliance, will be issued violations, which can carry … Read more

Cultural Resources Survey

The Village of Philmont, in a project partnership with Philmont Beautification, Inc., has released a three-volume Reconnaissance-Level Cultural Resources Survey and Appendices, conducted and compiled by preservationist consultant, Jessie Ravage. The survey contains the history of the village dating back to the settlement of Philmont, which was in process by 1795 when George Philip (c. 1754 … Read more