Future Philmont | Updating our Comprehensive Plan

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Look for the Comprehensive Plan Table at Community Day on July 1!



  • WE ARE HERE ➡ MAY 22 PUBLIC WORKSHOP, 4:00 – 8:00 PM, Village Hall, 124 Main Street. View photos from the workshop.
  • VILLAGE SURVEY (online and hard copy will be made available)
  • INFORMATION TABLES AT LOCAL EVENTS (including Philmont Community Day on July 1!)
  • PUBLIC WORKSHOP #2: Identify Goals, Strategies, and Priority Projects

PHASE II | Drafting the Comprehensive Plan

  • Based on community input gathered in Phase 1 and drafted by Laberge Group and members of the Philmont Comprehensive Plan Committee


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A comprehensive plan sets forth a vision and goals for a municipality’s future, and provides the overall foundation for all land use regulation in the municipality. State law encourages all cities to prepare and implement a comprehensive municipal plan. The Philmont Comprehensive Plan will outline the vision and goals of the community through 2040.

A comprehensive plan is an expression of the community’s vision for the future and a strategic map to reach that vision. Comprehensive planning is an important tool for municipalities to guide future development of land to ensure a safe, pleasant, just, and economical environment for residential, commercial, industrial, and public activities. Planning can help:

  • Preserve important natural resources and other open lands
  • Create the opportunity for residents to participate in guiding a community’s future
  • Identify issues, stay ahead of trends, and accommodate change
  • Ensure that growth makes the community better, not just bigger
  • Foster sustainable economic development that benefits all residents
  • Ensure more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure and public services
  • Provide an opportunity to consider future implications of today’s decisions
  • Protect property rights and values
  • Enable other public and private entities to plan their activities in harmony with the municipality’s plans

Read Philmont’s 2001 Comprehensive Plan


These neighbors are volunteering their time on behalf of us all. When you see them around town, say thank you. They can also answer any questions you have about the comprehensive plan update process.

Headshots of 7 people smiling with the following names under their photos: Robin Andrews, Chair; Owen Perry; Nabal Camacho; Robert McFarlane; Jeff French; Nancy Myers; Allison Hoppe; Debra Gitterman, Village Liaison, Adriana Beltrani, Laberge Group; Nicole Allen, Laberge Group



Comp Plan Public Workshop #1 | Photographs

Comp Plan Public Workshop #1 | Photographs

May 22, 2018 Public Workshop Gallery Workshop Boards ...
A view of Main Street in Philmont showing storefronts overlayed with a poster announcing a public workshop on Monday, May 22nd, 2023 from 4:00 to 8:00 pm at the village hall at 124 Main Street.

PUBLIC WORKSHOP | Monday, May 22 | Village Hall | 4-8pm | YOU’RE INVITED |

A PUBLIC WORKSHOP will be held on Monday, May 22, 2023, 4:00 - 8:00pm at the Village Hall, 124 Main ...
Robin Andrews, Chair of the Philmont Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

Robin Andrews Successfully Applies for 2 Grants to Update Philmont’s Comprehensive Plan

Volunteer Robin Andrews was appointed by Mayor Brian Johnson in 2022 to chair the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee. In 2022, ...


The Future Philmont Comprehensive Plan Update is funded with grants from the Hudson River Valley Greenway (HRVG), and the NYS Smart Growth Program Grant.


Phase 1 of the planning process will focus on visioning for the future of Philmont. This is primarily supported by the HRVG grant and in-kind contributions from the Village in the form of Comprehensive Plan Committee members’ time and contributions to the planning process.


Phase 2 will focus on the preparation of the Comprehensive Plan, funded by the NYS Smart Growth Program. The Village’s consulting planner, Laberge Group, is assisting in the completion of both phases, and is reimbursed directly through the grant funds.