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McNan's Variety Foods | Michael and Nancy

For the past 2+ years of the pandemic, McNan’s Variety Foods has heroically not raised their prices and now, on the heels of lean years because of the pandemic and Nancy’s knee surgery, just before the holidays, Michael and Nancy got covid (Nancy for the second time). They had to close the store, losing perishables and big catering jobs.

Please consider donating to help two who have always helped Philmont—through ups and downs, big celebrations and small, all the while making sandwiches and Sunday Dinners, keeping our spirits high and our bellies happy and full.

Two Ways to Donate:

1. Dop off a check made out to “McNan’s Variety Foods” at the Village Office at 124 Main Street (Open Mon-Thu 8-2:30pm; Fri 8-noon)

2. Donate online through GoFundMe: