HOMETOWN HEROES BANNER PROGRAM. Philmont American Legion Minkler-Seery Post 252. (Banner Application Deadline: March 31, 2022.)

Philmont Hometown Heroes Banner Program

Philmont American Legion Minkler-Seery Post 252 is launching a Hometown Hero program that will run from Memorial Day through Veterans Day. Banners are to honor our area women and men who have or are currently serving our country in a branch of the military. Eligible for this honor are all from the Philmont/Mellenville area, past or present, who have served or are currently serving our military, along with Minkler-Seery Post 252 members.

Banners are 18″x36″ and will be displayed on telephone poles in the Philmont area on an annual basis. Families or sponsors may keep their banners after Veterans Day, but they will not have an option for the banners to be used annually.

Banner Sponsorship—$175.00

Banner Application Forms are available at the Philmont Village Office, the Philmont Public Library, and can be downloaded here:

Forms may also be requested by emailing [email protected].

For additional information, please contact Chairman Monte E. Jennings, Sr. at (518) 929-7400.