With a community-supported plan in place, municipalities and private sector partners begin to realize the vision and goals of the BOA plan. Designated BOA communities are eligible to access State funding and assistance to jumpstart the redevelopment process.

The Village of Philmont, continuing its project partnership with Philmont Beautification, Inc., received state funding in December 2019, for a total project cost of $433,866, to implement various aspects of the Summit Lake & Its Watercourse BOA plan. The funding was awarded by two Department of State agencies in response to a proposal that utilized an integrated approach to address the redevelopment of priority sites and key areas. These include:

BOA (Brownfield Opportunity Area)


Initiate the pre-development activities in the Philmont’s Summit Lake and its Watercourse BOA. These activities will include design and development plans for the waterfront park and the Canal Street downtown parking area and community plaza and will comprise studies, a cultural resource survey, marketing, and zoning updates.

Funding provided by the New York State Office of Planning and Development.

BOA | Summit Lake and Its Watercourse
State Funding$188,164.00
PBI Community Match (Services Provided)$20,836.50
Village Community Match (Services Provided)$71.50
Total Project Cost$209,072.00
LWRP (Local Waterfront Revitalization Program)


Develop a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Watershed Management Plan for the Agawamuck Creek. This plan will develop management recommendations for improving water quality and restoring critical natural resources throughout the watershed, and identify measures to address invasive species in the watershed and Summit Lake. This scope of work is to be conducted with the participation of the Towns of Claverack, Hillsdale, Ghent, and Austerlitz.

Funding provided by the New York State Office of Planning and Development and Infrastructure.

Lake Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP)
State Funding$168,595.00
PBI Community Match (Services Provided)$17,074.00
Village Community Match (In-Kind)$11,875.00
Village Community Match (Printing Cost)$500.00
Volunteer Community Match (In-Kind)$26,750.00
Total Project Cost$224,794.00