NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a meeting of the Village Board on Tuesday October 12, 2021 the Village Board of the Village of Philmont, New York duly adopted Resolution 7 of 2021, an abstract of which follows, entitled “Resolution of the Village of Philmont, New York (The “Village”), Dated October 12, 2021, authorizing the acquisition of a fire truck for the Village; estimating the aggregate cost thereof to be $305,620.00; appropriating up to $305,620.00 therefore and authorizing the issuance of indebtedness in the maximum principal amount of $215,620.00 to finance said cost.” Such bond resolution is subject to a permissive referendum pursuant to Village Law Article 9.

Said resolution authorizes the acquisition of a Toyne Commercial Pumper Fire Truck for
fire protection purposes; which has a period of probable usefulness of at least 20 years.
It has been determined that such purpose constitutes a Type Il action as defined under the State Environmental Quality Review Regulations, which will not have a significant effect on the environment.

Said resolution shall take effect thirty days after adoption, unless there shall be filed with
the Village Clerk a petition signed and acknowledged by no less than 20% of the electors of the Village, as shown on the register of electors for the previous general village election qualified to vote upon a proposition to raise and expend money protesting against the resolution and requesting that the matter be submitted to the qualified electors of the Village at a referendum in the manner provided by the Village Law.

A copy of the resolution is available for public inspection during normal business hours at
the Office of the Village Clerk, located at the Village Hall, 124 Main Street, Philmont New

DATED: October 14, 2021

s/Patricia DeLong
Philmont Village Clerk