Philmont is a Regional Leader in NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Community Program

Having received credit for our LED streetlight conversion and EV charging station, Philmont recently surpassed 3000 Points in trhr NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities program (CEC). 

As a result, Philmont’s Climate Smart Task Force will receive $10k for additional projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It also moves the Village of Philmont into the top-three Regional Leaderboard. 

A big thank you to Mayor Johnson for supporting this program, to our entire Climate Smart Task Force for working together diligently and creatively, and to Haley Balcanoff at the CDRPC, for her guidance and help.

The NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities (CEC) program ( is an initiative that helps local governments reduce energy consumption and drive clean energy use in their communities. The Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Certification program ( is an interagency initiative administered by the DEC that provides a comprehensive framework for local governments to lead community action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to climate change. The two programs are complementary – All clean energy actions submitted and approved by NYSERDA then count towards credit in the Village’s Climate Smart application – so this achievement will benefit the pursuit of Climate Smart Communities certification.