Rental Property Registration Application

Residential Rental Property Registration
Prior to leasing premises within the Village to a tenant, the landlord shall complete and submit a rental property registration form and submit the same to the Village Building Inspector together with any applicable fee. The Registration shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance. The property owner shall submit a renewal of said registration no less than 30 days prior to expiration of any existing registration for the premises rented. No property is subject to be rented until the Tenancy Registration is approved and the unit has received a Tenancy certificate of occupancy as provided herein.

Tenancy Certificate of Cccupancy.
Whenever a residential apartment, house or dwelling is to be rented to a new tenant, the landlord is required to make application in writing to the Village of Philmont for a tenancy certificate of occupancy. Such certificate of occupancy shall certify that the residential unit to be occupied and the services to the unit are in compliance with the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and Chapter 160, Zoning, of the Village of Philmont.

Rental Property Registration Fee: $50 per property.
Please make checks payable to: Village of Philmont.

Contact the Building Inspector if you have questions.

Lee Heim, Building Inspector
Phone: (518) 672-7032
Cell: (518) 755-4657
Email: [email protected]

Register Your Rental Property

You can register your rental property by downloading the Rental Property Registration Form or by submitting the online registration form below.

Printed applications and all registration fees should be mailed to Building Inspector, Village of Philmont, PO Box 822, Philmont, NY 12565 or dropped off at the Village Office, 24 Main Street in Philmont;

Rental Property Registration





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