Trash & Recycling

62 Maple Avenue
PHONE: (518) 672-7032

DWP Garage
Maple Avenue, the first left after Maple Terrace.
PHONE: (518) 672-7640
Clifford Albright, DPW-Water/Sewer Foreman
Dan Davis, Motorized Equipment Operator
David Pelis, Motorized Equipment Operator
Alan Graziano

Water & Sewer
Cliff Albright, Assistant Water and Waste Water Plant Operator
Phone: (518) 672-4078 (please leave a message)


Garbage Pick Up: Every Tuesday Morning

Bags must be out by 7am on trash tray and may not be put before 7 pm the night before.
(If a Holiday falls on regular garbage or recycling days, please see Village Calendar for pick up day)

Bags must be drawstring tied. If the bag can’t be picked up by the drawstring, IT IS TOO HEAVY & WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.

No Lawn & Leaf or Contractor bags may be used. Bags not complying with protocol will be left at curb with orange violation sticker.


Lawn & Leaf and Contractor bags are not accepted for garbage pick-up.

All contents in container must dump freely or they will be left behind.

Larger or Hazardous Items may be brought to the Columbia County Transfer Station at 51 Newman Road in Hudson.

You may contact the Columbia County Solid Waste Department at (518) 828-2737 with any questions regarding rates, regulations and hours.

Garbage Stickers

$5.00 per sticker

30 Gallon Bag
1 full sticker (max weight of 50 pounds each bag)

15 Gallon Bag
½ sticker (max weight of 25 pounds each bag)

McNan's Variety Foods Storefront
McNan’s Variety Foods, 100 Main Street
Street View of the Philmont Village Office
Philmont Village Office, 124 Main Street
Where To Buy Garbage Stickers?

The Village Office
125 Main Street
Mon – Thu 8 AM to 2:30 PM, Fridays to Noon

McNan’s Variety Deli
100 Main Street
Wed – Mon, 10:30 AM to 7 PM (Sundays to 5 PM)

Cash or check only! NO Credit, Debit or EBT Cards will be accepted.
Make checks payable to “Village of Philmont”

Alternatively, a check with a self-addressed, stamped envelope can be mailed to the Village Clerk at the Village Office, PO Box 822, Philmont, NY 12565, and garbage stickers will be mailed to you.

Downloadable Garbage Sticker Sale Locations & Hours

Recycling – Newspaper, Cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum and Glass

1st and 3rd Fridays
(If there is a 5th Friday no recycling will be picked up)

Papers must be bundled in a brown paper bag or tied.

All cardboard must be broken down, other than a single box that may be used to contain the rest.
PIZZA BOXES are Garbage

Please do not use a plastic bag or a paper box, as paper boxes will disintegrate when wet.

Recyclables should not be put out before 7:00pm the Thursday evening prior to pick-up. There is no charge for recycled materials.

These Recycling protocols must be followed.

Downloadable Village Recycling Protocol (Same as Columbia County)

Autumn Leaf Pick-up

During the fall, leaf piles at the curbside will be picked up by the Village. Dates are set according to the weather. Check with the Village Office in the fall.

Large Appliances and Other

For any other disposable items (metal products, wood products, furniture, appliances, construction debris, etc.), you may use the Greenport Transfer Station on Route 23B or the Columbia County Transfer Station on Route 9H in Kinderhook, for a cost. The number for the Greenport Transfer Station is (518) 828-1442.

For Columbia County Solid Waste, call (518) 828-2737.

Philmont Comprehensive Plan
Take the Survey!

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution | 2023

Water Tower Work
Be prepared for possible water interruptions and low pressure as the water department continues to work on the water tower.
Thank you for your understanding and patience during this process

Mandatory Water Ban in Effect until Water Tower Work is Complete
Permitted: Normal use: showering, teeth brushing and general hygiene-related uses, laundry/dish washing, and toilet flushing.
ABSOLUTELY NO non-essential water use, such as Vehicle/House Washing, Lawn/Flower Watering and Pool Filling.

Your 5 gallon containers can be filled at the DPW garage 6am-2:30pm for plant watering—on Maple Avenue, past Maple Terrace, on the left.
Questions? Watch the public meeting with the DPW

Register Your Rental Property or Vacant Building with the Philmont Buildings Department.

To Speak at Village Board Meetings: Remember to sign up before noon the Friday before by emailing [email protected], calling (518) 672-7032, or stopping by the Village office.

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