Property Maintenance

Please take note that the Village of Philmont is making efforts to clean up the village. In accordance with NYS Property Maintenance Code, applicable zoning laws, and local laws of the Village of Philmont, please maintain premises free of debris, furniture, junk, trash, and weeds in excess of 10″. Property owners in violation of the NYS Property Maintenance Code will be noticed and, upon non-compliance, violations will be issued, which can carry a penalty of $250/day.

On-street Parking:

From December 1st through April 1st, there is no parking on Village streets from midnight until 6:00AM

Winter Snow Removal:

Sidewalks abutting personal and business property must be cleared within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall.

Dog Licensing:

NYS law requires all dogs to be licensed with the state. If you need to license your dog or renew an existing license, contact the Town Secretary of Claverack at Claverack Town Hall on Church Street, below the Philmont Village line. Registration is $10.00 per year and proof of up-to-date rabies shots is required.

Read Philmont Local Laws online.