Heritage Working Group

National Registry Historic District

Matt Kierstead, Milestoe Heritage Consulting Presentation | September 11, 2022

Cultural Resource Survey

Survey Documents & Jessie Ravage Video Presentation | Jun 26, 2021

Heritage Working Group Members

  • Sally Baker, Executive Director, Philmont Beautification, Inc. (Facilitator) and resident of Philmont
  • Tobi Farley, Director, Philmont Library
  • Shawn Jennings, Columbia Opportunities Weatherization
  • Arthur King, Business owner and resident of Philmont
  • Sarah Barton-King, Designer and resident of Philmont
  • Robert Hoyt, Counselor, Greener Pathways and resident of Philmont
  • Karen Davala, Business owner, Davala Real Estate
  • David Bolevice, resident
  • Paul Naprstek, resident, Architect
  • Cara Brownell, resident
  • George Brehm, resident
  • Jake Lewis, resident
  • Mark Katz, resident
  • Jennifer Thibeault, Business owner
  • Jeane Laporta, Local Historian, Town of Claverack