Wisebodies for Adults

WiseBodies teaches sexuality education to kids, teens, and adults in a fresh, age appropriate, honest, and uplifting way that supports the whole individual and the whole community. 

Programs for Adults

A Clearing | For Cis Men 45-70+

A Clearing | For Cis Men 25-45

Workshop | Moving for Pleasure

ROOT | Sexuality for Adults

Beginning, Again and Again | For those of us 18 – 100 who’ve experienced sexual harm and want to hang out together, with a strong invitation for the LGBTQ community.

SEXED for 20-Somethings | A safe, whole-hearted workshop for people in their 20’s who’d like to experience real, necessary, and potent sex education; who’ve found themselves curious or confused about sex; who’d like to develop tools for gaining sexual agency; who’d like to develop skill with sexual communication; who’d like to grow more comfortable with their own sexual bodies and the sexual bodies of others. All are welcome.